Markham-based group supporting international students

With international students in Canada at an all-time high and the challenges facing them equally high, they may find some support from a local group with members who have been where they are and are ready to give back.

The Canadians of Indian Origin (COIO) is a non-profit, Markham-based group that has decided to step in and lend a hand to international students and other new arrivals to Canada who may not have access to the often meagre supports that are available through government systems or the sometimes overwhelmed resources offered through colleges and universities.

Drawing on the group’s member’s own lived experiences and expertise, they will offer mentorship and answer questions and offer practical advice in a free online seminar, which might become the first in a series, that covers issues like immigration, housing, mental health and job searches. The session runs Saturday, January 27 from 3-4:30 pm.

RSVP’s for the session are preferred through the groups website at or email COIO at [email protected].

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