Waste Reduction Week showcases some helpful tips

This year schools, individuals, businesses and municipalities from across Canada will participate in the annual Waste Reduction Week from October 18 to 24th.

Waste Reduction Week is a great time for parents to help their children make a difference.

There are many different things that families can do together to support waste-free living. Here are some examples of what you and your children can practice at home or while shopping:

  • ​ Encourage your school to register as an EcoSchool​! They can register for free.
  • Find out “what goes where” when it comes to recycling and garbage, and take advantage of the York Region Bindicator tool available at
  • Commit to reducing food and food-related waste by packing waste-free lunches using reusable containers, cutlery, and water bottles.
  • Pack lunches in servings that will be completely eaten.
  • Encourage meetings and catering options that reduce food and food-related waste.
  • Take along your own reusable bags when shopping.
  • Take along refillable mugs or cups when purchasing drinks.
  • Read newspapers and magazines online.
  • Avoid buying products with excess packaging.
  • Have a garage sale and sell items that can be easily reused or repaired.
  • Find a York Region reuse donation and community drop-off centre in your area which will accept your items no longer being used, such as clothing/textiles, houseware, and books.
  • Sell unused items online using buy-and-sell sites.

There are many activities that York Region classrooms and businesses will be engaged in to promote waste reduction.

Get involved to show Canada, and the world, that you and your family are part of the waste reduction solution.

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