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Unionville Jamaica hosts International Curling Friendly event

Curling Jamaica hosted an evening of exhibition games involving players from five other national team programs at Unionville Curling Club in Markham on March 25.

The event is Curling Jamaica’s second annual “International Curling Friendly” intended for more recently added member nations to the World Curling Federation.

Joining Jamaica for this event were players from the national programs of Guyana, Hong Kong, Mexico, Portugal and Chinese Taipei. Most of these players are based in the Greater Toronto Area.

The idea for this event originated from a need for emerging curling nations to gain experience by playing exhibition games to prepare for international qualifiers and championships.

“Jamaica is currently preparing for the next round of international play in the fall, including the Pan Continental Qualifying Tournament, which is our path to qualifying for the World Championships,” said Ben Kong, president of Curling Jamaica. “To that end, the International Curling Friendly is an excellent opportunity for ourselves and our guests to evaluate players and provide them with valuable playing experience against other international sides.”

Curling Jamaica is a not-for-profit sports federation which is incorporated in Jamaica and Canada. Currently, the Unionville Curling Club serves as Curling Jamaica’s home club.

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