Tired of being stuck in your driveway?

A group of Markham residents are frustrated with the snow windrow at the end of their driveways, keeping them from getting to work and other activities.

A snow windrow is the mound of snow left at the bottom of a driveway after a snowplow has cleared the road.

Just to the west of Markham, the City of Richmond Hill has expanded its snow windrow clearing service to include 44,000 local, residential driveways.  In Richmond Hill, snow windrow clearing begins after road plows begin their routes and may take up to 13 hours to complete after the end of a snowfall.

Brinda Goswami, one of the group’s leaders is looking to get the City of Markham to offer the same service provided to their neighbours in Richmond Hill.

“I and more than 130 Markham residents have signed a petition that will benefit the Markham community greatly if we can bring this change,” Goswami said.

“I need the Markham community to come together to raise this concern, even more, to make it a priority for the city to implement this change.”

Here is a link to the petition

“I have been a resident of Markham since 2007 and I am doing this out of an urge to do something for all of us in Markham as I have heard many friends complain about this issue for a long time,” Goswami added.

Currently, the City of Markham offers the windrow service to seniors and disabled residents who don’t have anyone in their household between the ages of 12 to 60 who is able to shovel their driveway.


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