Safety tips for a cozy and bright holiday season

As the nights get longer and the holidays approach, we seek to warm our hearts and to delight children and our families with lights.

When setting up indoor or outdoor light displays, or temporary cooking or heating appliances for holiday meals, remember to:

  1. Never overload electrical outlets and use the proper wattage needed.
  2. Regularly inspect electrical cords and extension cords for damage.
  3. Use extension cords on a temporary basis only, and do not run them under rugs, carpets, doors or windows.
  4. Never plug a space heater or a fan into an extension cord or power strip. Remember to turn off portable heaters when you leave a room or space and place it at least three feet from anything that might catch fire.
  5. Unplug appliances once you’ve finished using them to avoid shock and fire.

Pretty holiday candles appear on tables and festive holiday displays begin to take over the house in December.

To enjoy candles safely, remember to:

  1. Always blow out candles before leaving a room. Never leave a burning candle alone.
  2. Keep candles out of reach of children..
  3. Put candles in a sturdy holder and on a stable, level surface, and never burn them near anything that might catch fire.
  4. Never touch or move a lit candle and be careful not to splatter hot wax when putting it out.
  5. Consider using a battery-operated flameless candle instead.

Learn more about candle safety and electrical safety, and find more resources at


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