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If you’re curious or concerned about crime in your community, you can now receive a weekly crime summary by email for your municipality or York Region as a whole that includes a weekly count of crimes, the variance from the week before, as well as a link to all media releases posted that week.

The new service is part of the York Regional Police (YRP) Community Safety Data Portal, which was launched in November. Among other things, the portal features simple dashboards that show where and crime has taken place across York Region. You can tailor your search to specific crimes in specific neighbourhoods and narrow or broaden your search with just a few clicks.

“The portal allows us to share crime information from across the region, including incidents and trends that don’t always warrant a media release or general community alert,” says Const. Maniva Armstrong. “It means we can be more transparent with our residents than ever before and we are confident that if members of our community are better informed about police-related incidents happening in their neighbourhoods, they will be better able to help our officers solve and prevent crime.”

Created by YRP’s Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Unit, the portal also features a dedicated Road Safety Map that identifies roads and intersections with high-collision rates, as well as other important road safety issues. You’ll find links to crime prevention tips, media releases and the Security Camera Registry. You can also submit evidence, such as surveillance video, directly to investigators.

“YRP and members of our community share responsibility for public safety and community well-being. The Community Safety Data Portal empowers our community to get more involved in community safety and crime prevention in their neighbourhoods,” Armstrong says.

To sign up to receive a weekly summary, visit and click on ‘Community Safety Data Portal’ or follow this link

A series of how-to videos to help navigate the site can be found here:

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