Markham Helping Hands 2022

Markham Regional Councillor Alan Ho recently hosted two food drive events, “Markham Helping Hands 2022,” on Dec 10 and 17.

Alan Ho partnered with Markham Fire & Emergency service and two local supermarkets, Foodymart and Sunny Foodmart, to raise and deliver food items to the Markham Food Bank.

“As we look ahead to the holiday season, we are mindful that some are much less fortunate than us, and putting food on the table is still a struggle for many families. Especially food bank demand surges as food prices rise, so I organized this event to encourage our community to donate food items to as many individuals and families that are in need as possible,” Ho said.

“Donation is not just at this time, but all year round. If you missed out and would still like to donate, please visit any fire stations in Markham to deposit food items for the food bank,” said Fire Chief Adam J. Grant.

“Food bank needed to support about 130 – 150 families every month. There has been a 62 per cent increase in the past three years. If you need food assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact Makham Food Bank.” said Robert Nunn, a representative of the Markham Food Bank.

Deputy Fire Chief Chris Nearing thanked Alan Ho and our community for fighting food insecurity.

As part of the event, they set up a donation box at the supermarket entrance to receive food items. Ho and Grant took the lead in purchasing around $400 of nonperishable, unopened food items and put them into the donation box.

Foodymart and Sunny Foodmart also prepared large donations to feed the Markham Food Bank.

Besides the support from local supermarkets, the event also received donations from residents who dropped off the food items in the donation box after shopping.

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