Author: Jeff Jones

Markham Craft Beer and Wine Festival comes to the fairgrounds

In the past decade or so, a culture has emerged around the notion of  summertime festivals. Gatherings of like-minded folks around a single theme for a weekend of fun was nearly exclusively a European tradition. Now, North America is home to hundreds, even thousands of festivals every year. Markham’s latest addition is the first annual Markham Craft Beer and Wine Festival. It will take over the historic Markham Fairgrounds on Aug. 18 and 19. Featuring more than 100 wines and beers crafted from brewers across Ontario and Quebec, festival goers will be able to enjoy their favourite boutique beverages...

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Building community, one festival at a time.

Summer is nearly here. Days are getting longer, the school year is winding down and, for a few months, working hard is a bit less of a priority. Many are looking forward to relaxing on a patio, spending time with family or making a trip to one of the many outdoor festivals in the Markham area. For lifelong Markham resident Chris MacBride, the opposite is true. “Oh, it’s my busiest time of year,” says MacBride. “I love the summer but relaxing isn’t something I do during it.” MacBride has provided local events with a vast array of technical services...

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Markham artists hit the Fringe Festival

1n 1947, eight theatre companies showed up to the Edinburgh International Festival hoping to gain some audience recognition from the festival gathering. As a result, a Scottish journalist named Robert Kemp noted that there seemed to be more to do “round the fringe” of the festival than usual. The very first Fringe Festival of Theatre was born.  Since then, Fringe theatre festivals have become something of an international phenomenon with nearly 40 in North America and dozens more in Europe and across the world. In Toronto, the festival is the second largest on the continent and draws theatre companies...

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Perfect Wedding brings big laughs

There are few things that bring a clearer picture to mind than the idea of a ‘perfect’ wedding. While we all might have different details in mind, the concept certainly rings true for most. Of course, since perfect is an impossible standard, the idea of things going wrong at a wedding is nearly as universal as perfection. Markham Little Theatre (MLT) presents the bedroom farce, Perfect Wedding by Robin Howden, to the FLATO Markham Theatre. The show takes the notion of a wedding disaster to the next level. The story begins on the morning of Bill’s wedding day. The...

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Bringing the funny back home to the Flato

Beginning in 1983 as a small, French language comedy festival in Montreal, the name Just For Laughs is now known by most Canadians and all around the world.  After adding English speaking comedians in 1985, the festival has since grown to be the premiere showcase to Hollywood for comedians. Deals are struck, careers are made and lives are changed. The reality is, the path to making it as a comedian flows through Just For Laughs. Since adding several television shows and now satellite festivals, like JFL 42 in Toronto, the brand has done nothing but grow. Bringing new comedy...

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