Increase in pizza delivery scams

York Regional Police is warning the community of an increase in pizza delivery fraud scams.

In a typical pizza delivery scam, one suspect poses as someone who ordered a pizza that has been delivered at the location by a second suspect who poses as the delivery person and then they approach a victim. The first suspect will ask the victim for help, saying that the delivery person only accepts debit cards and will not take cash. The suspect tells the victim they only have cash on hand, but will give it to the victim if they will do them a favour and pay the delivery person with their debit card.

Upon the victim agreeing, the fake customer gives them cash and the phoney delivery person presents the victim with a rigged point-of-sale terminal that records the personal identification number (PIN). At the end of the transaction, a fake, similar-looking card is given back to the unsuspecting victim. The suspects then use the victim’s real card and PIN to make cash withdrawals and/or purchases.

Police are asking the public to be aware of these types of scams and to take steps to protect themselves.

  • Be vigilant during debit or credit transactions
  • Remember that legitimate delivery services accept cash, so if someone tries to convince you otherwise it could be a scam
  • If you think you may be a victim of debit card fraud, contact your bank immediately

To learn more about fraud prevention, prevention.asp.

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