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Continuous Memory: A fusion of language and art

Latcham Art Centre presents Continuous Memory, an exhibition that brings together the unique works of artists Max Lupo and Jose Andres Mora.

The exhibition opens its doors on October 20, with a reception from 7-9 PM, and will run until December 9.

The artists offer a perspective on the intricate relationship between language and meaning through a variety of mediums, including technology, interactive sculpture, video, and complex imagery. Their work is not just visually impressive but also intellectually stimulating, inviting viewers to engage in a dialogue about the essence of language and its multifaceted interpretations.

The exhibition employs interactive sculptures and technology to make the experience participatory. Visitors become part of the art, contributing to its meaning. This interactive element adds a layer of depth and engagement, making this a must-visit for anyone interested in the intersection of language, art, and technology.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore the power and playfulness of language through art. Admission is free, and everyone is welcome.

Visit for more information.

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