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Blast from the past with hits from Abba and the Bee Gees

Abbamania brings its three-time sold-out show back to Markham Theatre on Oct. 5.

The show consists of studio musicians that recreate Abba live in concert. They are the only Abba production to perform twice for the cast of Mama Mia. Hear the hits from Waterloo, S.O.S. to Dancing Queen.

Also as part of the same show, you will get to enjoy Night Fever as the Bee Gees.

With all the high harmonies and stage presence of the Bee Gees, they will be performing songs from Jive Talking, To Love Somebody, Stayin’ Alive to You Should Be Dancing, to name a few.

Abbamania and Night Fever perform hundreds of concerts each year, and they will take you back in time when Abba and the Bee Gees ruled the pop music world.

The fabulous night of entertainment also includes Kara Chandler and Will Chambers. Chandler, with an incredible voice and unbelievable look, recreates Cher perfectly. Chalmers’ flawless replication of Neil Diamond’s singing voice and his natural resemblance, combined with his outstanding stage presence, captivates audiences wherever he goes.

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