YRP constable raises funds for autism

Constable Adam McEachern and fellow York Regional Police Association (YRPA) members recently put their bodies to the test by taking on a 24-hour Murph Challenge with the goal of raising $10,000 on World Autism Awareness Day.

This physical and mental task consisted of a 34-mile run, 5,100 squats, 3,400 push-ups and 1,700 pull-ups – all within 24 hours.

With the support of many community members, sponsors and partners, Constable McEachern helped to raise over $25,000 for Kerry’s Place Autism Services, well exceeding his original $10,000 goal.

This initiative for McEachern was a personal one.

His oldest son, Caleb, was placed on the spectrum when he was three-years-old, and his family has been learning and living with their son’s autism and helping to figure out the world as it affects him.

Caleb has inspired Adam to get involved and to help support Kerry’s Place, an organization that provides specialized services and supports to over 8,000 individuals of all ages living with autism.

Donations will continue to be received during the month of April, as part of Autism Awareness month at:


Photo: YRP constable Adam McEachern, with the support of many community members, raises funds for autism. His son Caleb was placed on the spectrum when he was three years old.


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