York Region forecasts land needs until 2051

Regional council recently received an update on the 2051 forecast and land needs assessment as part of the Municipal Comprehensive Review Process.

Results of the provincial land needs assessment identified a need for 2,300 hectares of community land and 1,100 hectares of employment land to accommodate growth to 2051. This equates to approximately 80 per cent of the region’s Whitebelt lands.

Given the history of significant growth directed to York Region by the Province, all Whitebelt lands will eventually be required at some point in time beyond the 2051 planning horizon and identifying the remaining Whitebelt as Future Urban is a consideration.

Urban expansion needs are distributed by local municipality in line with Growth Plan criteria, Regional Official Plan policies, and an assessment of costs, risks, and opportunities in each geographic area.

The Growth Plan directs York Region to support and plan for the highest share of growth in the GTHA .

To support the highest share of growth in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area to 2051, York Region will continue to advocate to senior levels of government for funding for the Yonge North Subway Extension, to expand the region’s bus rapid transit and enhance regional GO rail systems to support transit integrated communities.

The region’s forecast and land needs assessment is informed by several Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR) reports. Provincial plans and the land needs assessment are implemented by the Region through a MCR and Regional Official Plan update.

Consultation on the proposed forecast and land needs assessment will continue in Q2 and early Q3 in advance of a draft Regional Official Plan anticipated for Fall 2021.

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