Well-being plan promises help where it’s needed most

York Regional Council has created a “long-term tool” that promises to keep residents safe by strengthening community well-being and focusing on communities that need help the most.

The Community Safety and Well-Being Plan for 2022 to 2026 plan focuses on social development and prevention, aiming to enhance safety and well-being through proactive and targeted community-driven actions.

“York Region remains a destination of choice for residents and businesses and community safety and well-being issues are responsibilities shared by all,” says York Region Chairman and CEO Wayne Emmerson. “We invite you to join us in this journey as we continue to build a Region where every person can thrive and every community reaches its full potential.”

Under the Police Services Act, 1990, the province requires municipalities to develop a Community Safety and Well-Being Plan. York’s plan was developed with input and support from residents and partners, including community service providers, local municipalities, York Regional Police and the Human Services Planning Board of York Region. Data and community indicators were used to analyze a broad range of factors that affect safety and well-being, including household income, employment, crime, education and early childhood development.

The plan identifies six strategic objectives: bringing partners together and strengthening community capacity; leveraging strengths and bridging gaps where they exist; targeting efforts to communities that can benefit the most; focusing on top opportunities for action and prioritizing preventative initiatives; setting up for success by mobilizing resources and collaborating to drive change; and delivering the Plan and building on success.

The plan focuses on communities that can benefit the most, leverages and enhances community assets, and strengthens local capacity to drive change. It will target top opportunities for action, including improving mental well-being, housing and economic stability. “The plan’s place-based approach enables planning and action to be focused where it is needed most,” says City of Vaughan Regional Councillor Gino Rosati, Chair of Community and Health Services. “As the plan evolves, there will be opportunities to scale up successful initiatives to other communities.”

Cover of Community Safety and Well-Being Plan for 2022 to 2026 courtesy of York Region. 

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