Tips on how to save money

We all know setting some funds aside for an emergency and life goals is important. But it can be hard to do, especially during a pandemic. Fortunately, there are saving strategies you can try even when you’re not raking in a ton of cash.

The first step is improving your financial literacy so you can feel confident about tackling your savings and money goals. Here are some other tips to consider:

Pay yourself first: Many people have trouble saving because there is no money left by the time they pay everything else. One solution is to pay yourself first. That means taking money off the top of each paycheque to put into your savings account. After that, take care of your bills and other needs.

Make your money grow: You probably already know that your debt gets bigger because you pay interest on it. The same idea applies to saving accounts and plans, but you get the interest. The amount you save grows. Let’s say you put your money into a savings account or plan where you get 5 per cent interest. For every $100 you save in a year, you’ll get an extra $5.

Check out government programs: The Canadian government has set up special savings plans to help your money grow more quickly. Depending on your goals and life stage, a Registered Education Savings Plan, Tax-Free Savings Account or Registered Retirement Savings Plan might work for you.

You can learn more about these government-approved savings plans and boost your money skills from ABC Life Literacy Canada’s Money Matters program. It’s a free introductory financial literacy program for adult learners that offers online courses and workshops. Learn more and access free workbooks and activities at


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