Swan Lake residents donate 300 lbs. of food to the Markham Food Bank

Swan Lake Village residents up their support for the Markham Food Bank through an additional food collection.

“It was decided that due to the hardship people are experiencing with placing food on the table for their families and having to depend on local food banks to help feed them including their children, Swan Lake Village decided to hold an additional food collection on April 3,” said Martin Silver, one of the events committee members.

The Village normally holds two food collections for the local food bank annually. The food bank greatly appreciated this third food drive.

“This food drive enabled the Villagers to donate $7,660.00 and 300 lbs. of food to the Markham Food Bank,” Silver said. “Food banks are struggling to receive donations to feed the needy, so we hope this effort will be of assistance.”


Photo: Martin Silver is one of the many Swan Lake Village residents who contributed to the 300 lbs. of food donated to the Markham Food Bank this spring.

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