Seniors cross treetop trekking off bucket lists

Just days before Seniors Month launched in Ontario, a group of Markham retirees crossed an item off their bucket lists that got their adrenaline pumping.

Amica Unionville, a retirement resident in Markham, organized a treetop trekking and ziplining experience to engage seniors and bring the community together.

Admittedly, 82-year-old Prabha, was skeptical but encouraged by words of support, she completed the adventure at Treetop Trekking. “She had an emotional moment in the end and was happy to have partaken in the excursion with the group,” says Disiree Onistchenko, Community Relations Director at Amica Unionville. “These once-in-a-lifetime moments not only create lasting memories but also provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment for our seniors.”

For many seniors, retirement means finally having the time and resources to do things they’ve always wanted to do. “While many people start thinking about their bucket list long before they reach their golden years, it’s not uncommon for seniors to make the most of their remaining time by ticking off as many items as possible.”

The Amica seniors completed the adventure just days before the launch of Seniors Month in Ontario. This year’s theme, Working for Seniors, recognizes the hard work seniors have done all their lives to make Ontario the great place it is today, the provincial government says.

The government says it’s working for seniors by recognizing and celebrating their accomplishments and milestones; funding Seniors Active Living Centre programs that promote wellness, social connections and education in communities across the province; and making it easier to find programs and services available for seniors in Ontario, including tax credits, health, caregiving, housing, transportation and staying safe.

Photo courtesy of Amica Unionville.

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