Saree-Ethnic Wear Walkathon celebrates India’s culture

Indo-Canadians recently came together with the Consulate General of India and Markham Regional Councillor Joe Li for the Saree-Ethnic Wear Walkathon in Markham.

The Honourable Apoorva Srivastava, Consulate General of India, joined local residents for a walkathon to celebrate India’s culture and cuisine featuring a bright selection of saree-clad women.

This outer garment worn wrapped around the body is affectionately called the “Nine Yard Wonder,” which ranges in lengths of 3-9 metres and consists of a piece which is often brightly coloured, frequently embroidered in silk, cotton, or recently in a synthetic cloth.

Srivastava and Li led the dynamic event by untying a green ribbon to commence the walk to New Delhi Drive. Held in Featherstone Park, located near Mumbai Drive, the event featured a saree fashion show, saree games, and a variety of India-based vendors. York Regional Police and Markham Public Library supported the event with the Markham Food Bank.

Radio Dhishum and the Canadian Academy of Sports Education & Culture co-organized the event.


Photo: Regional Councillor Joe Li joins Saree-Ethnic Wear Walkathon participants near the city’s New Delhi Drive sign.


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