Region to spend $8.4 billion on infrastructure projects

More than 270 transportation projects are planned for 2024 and include widening roads in the most congested urban areas and near new development.

York Region Public Works’ to-do list also includes bridging 400-series highways, improving intersections, and creating new multi-use paths and streetscaping. It will also tackle projects designed to improve and enhance traveller safety and experience as well as environmental sustainability.

The projects carry a combined price tag of $368.4 million and are part of the 2024 Public Works 10-Year Capital Plan, which includes $4 billion in transportation projects and $4.4 billion in water and wastewater projects.

“Investments in Regional infrastructure projects are imperative as costs continue to increase to construct and maintain our assets,” York Region Chairman and CEO Wayne Emmerson says. “Continued investments from Regional Council and senior level government are needed to ensure our infrastructure is there for residents today and remains resilient and robust for generations to come.”

“York Region continues to enhance the commuter and transit rider experience while benefiting all travellers with improved access to work, shopping, recreational destinations and major highways,” says Town of Aurora Mayor Tom Mrakas, Chair of Public Works – Transportation Services. “These projects and advancements keep our network connected, safe and updated, getting you to your destination smoothly and efficiently.”

The 2024 Water and Wastewater Capital Plan focuses on building the Regional water and wastewater network, sustaining service levels and managing system risk and resiliency. At the end of 2023, the capital program had 176 active projects.

Key water and wastewater projects in the 2024 10-Year Capital Plan include requirements of Supporting Growth and Housing in York and Durham Regions Act, namely the North York Durham Sewage System Expansion as part of the mandated York Region Sewage Works Project. Other critical projects include new or enhanced wastewater sewers, pumping stations and other facility infrastructure for the York Durham Primary Sewage System.

“Water and wastewater infrastructure projects enhance a seemingly invisible network impacting your life every single day,” says City of Richmond Hill Mayor, David West, Chair of Public Works – Environmental Services. “Priority water and wastewater projects are crucial to providing servicing capacity necessary to meet planned growth expectations while maintaining a high level of environmental and public health protection.”

York Region’s Transportation Master Plan and Water and Wastewater Master Plan guide infrastructure capital programs to ensure Regional transportation and water and wastewater networks continue to meet the needs of its communities.

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