Premier Racquet Club aces facility award

Some compliments are backhanded but not this one.

The Tennis Professionals Association (TPA) just served the Premier Racquet Club Markham with the Seasonal Facility Excellence Award 2022.

The award recognizes a seasonal tennis facility that demonstrates a commitment to the promotion and growth of tennis and supports the TPA by employing or contracting only TPA active certified instructors, coaches and club professionals.

When selecting the award recipient, the TPA also considers facilities that host certification and professional development opportunities; run regional, provincial and/or national sanctioned tournaments; offer community service; and host exhibitions, charity events and outreach programs to help grow the sport.

Premier Racquet Club Markham is a seasonal winter club with more than 700 members. In addition to hosting TPA certification courses and workshops, it’s active in the community. Last year, for instance, it provided scholarships for low-income children. It partnered with a local school to provide after-school tennis programming and ran a charity event in which more than 400 students from that school took part in a tennis-a-thon that raised more than $10,000.

Premier Racquet Club Markham is owned and operated by Karl Hale in partnership with the City of Markham. To learn more about its programs, charity initiatives and staff, visit or contact Operations/Communications Manager Nima Naderi at [email protected].

Photo courtesy of Premier Racquet Club Markham. 

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