Payment for interim tax bills due soon

The City of Markham has mailed interim tax bills and is reminding residents to pay on time to avoid penalties and interest charges,

Not receiving a tax bill doesn’t excuse taxpayers from paying taxes nor the liability of any penalties charged for late payment.

The first installment is due February 7. The second installment is due March 7. You can pay your bill online or in person at your bank.

Though Markham Civic Centre is currently closed due to the pandemic, you can deposit a cheque in the dropbox 101 Town Centre Blvd. at the Thornhill Entrance. Be sure the cheque is for the full instalment amount and match the dates on the cheques to the instalment due dates. Write the Tax Roll Number on the front of your cheque and submit the bottom (remittance) portion of your bill.

There are two components to property taxes: your property’s Current Value Assessment (CVA), which is determined by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC), and the total property tax rate, which consists of three portions: the City of Markham, Region of York and provincial education levies. To calculate your total property taxes, multiply your CVA by the tax rate.

How is your tax rate determined? The City establishes a budget to provide municipal services and infrastructure. It calculates a municipal tax rate that will meet its funding needs. The Region of York has a similar process and the Province of Ontario creates an education tax rate.

The City issues two property tax bills each year. The first – the interim property tax bill – is issued in January and reflects 50 per cent of your previous year’s taxes. The second bill is issued in June. It reflects the final property taxes and incorporates any budget changes approved by the City, Region and Province.

Penalty and interest charges are set by the City in keeping with the Municipal Act. In order to maintain fairness, neither Markham Council nor staff have the authority to waive or alter penalty and interest charges on property tax accounts. If you didn’t receive your interim tax bill or if you have questions, call 905-477-5530. You can view, manage and/or pay your tax bill at Learn more here.

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