MPL celebrates Earth Month

Earth Month is celebrated every year during the month of April. We also celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd, and Earth Week from April 19th to April 23rd.

This month is a celebration of our planet and all of its features including the diversity of plants and animals.

In addition, it is a time to bring attention to issues affecting the Earth such as pollution, animal extinction and accelerated climate change.

Earth Month is also a time to encourage sustainability, reduce one’s own carbon footprint and educate oneself on how to co-exist peacefully with the rest of the Earth’s creatures.

Below are some programs from Markham Public Library that you can participate in to celebrate Earth Month.

Microplastics: tiny but dangerous program takes place April 14. Microplastics are tiny bits of plastic that often go unnoticed in beaches, parks and urban areas – but the impacts they cause are anything but small. Learn about microplastics, from what they are and why they are a problem, to what we can do to make a difference. The session takes place April 14 from 6:30- 7:30PM – Register.

Earth Week Seedling Give Away. Register for your tree seedling. You can pick-up your seedlings April 19th or April 20th during Earth Week from a designated library (one seedling only per a family. Mon, Apr 19 – Tue, Apr 20 at the Unionville Library from 1PM – 5PM – Register, Mon, Apr 19 – Tue, Apr 20 at the Thornhill Village Library from 1PM – 5PM – Register,  or Mon, Apr 19 – Tue, Apr 20 at the Markham Village Library from 1PM – 5PM – Register.

Find out how to adopt a pet from the OSPCA and how to decide what pet is right for you. Also discover what it means to be a good pet parent (this will include what it means to bring an animal into your home and the research that should go into the commitment of said animal), enriching your animal at home, and what the resources are for someone who is thinking that they may need to surrender or rehome their pet. The programs take place April 1st at 7PM – Register and April 7 at 3PM – Register.

Markham Public Library is where Markham’s communities come together to imagine, create, learn and grow.

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