Hospital reflects on a year of achievements

Oak Valley Health marked the past year with significant progress and new initiatives, as shared in their Year in Review 2023/2024: At the Heart of Care. Through a dynamic website with interactive elements, the organization highlighted its dedication to delivering an exceptional patient experience, celebrating the invaluable contributions of its staff, and emphasizing the importance of staff wellness and recognition.

Through three key themes – patients, people, and community – the Year in Review showcases how Oak Valley Health’s successes are driven by the invaluable work of its staff, ensuring patients are always at the heart of care.

The collective narrative shines a spotlight on the organization’s proudest moments, where staff can see their contributions reflected. Featuring video messages, inspiring stories, event highlights, and social media posts, alongside key milestones and notable achievements, the last year reflects the dedication and stories that define the heart of care at Oak Valley Health.

Marguerite had knee and shoulder replacement surgeries at Oak Valley Health. An active horse rider, and squash and tennis player, arthritis severely impacted her daily activities. “It was affecting my life – my ability to reach up and get something off the shelf, my ability to climb in and out of the tub, even my ability to walk,” she shares. Referred by her family doctor to Oak Valley Health’s Orthopaedic and Joint Assessment Centre at Markham Stouffville Hospital, she underwent both surgeries over the span of a year.

Marguerite expressed profound gratitude for the courteous, professional, and competent staff, and the thorough pre- and post-operative care that included clear physiotherapy instructions. “This program sets up patients for success,” she says. Now fully recovered, Marguerite is back to walking, spinning, Pilates, and exploring pickleball. “I’m active and pain-free. I am so grateful for the amazing care I received,” she says.

Oak Valley Health placed significant focus on implementing its People Plan 2023-2026, including the launch of a Resilience in Stressful Events (RISE) program, a targeted nursing recruitment program, enhanced inclusivity efforts through their Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (EDI&B) council, and the return of their flagship celebration events.

Staff wellness was also a priority over the past year, as Oak Valley Health emerged from few challenging years of responding to the pandemic. Staff and physician wellness offerings were enhanced, dedicated additional physical spaces were made available for staff to have breaks, and well-being and engagement events were organized through their social committee, contributing to the goal of building a people-centred culture that empowers and values everyone in the organization.

Through these and many more efforts, Oak Valley Health strives to create a supportive, inclusive, and empowering environment for all its people, ensuring they feel valued and set up for success.

Another spotlight focused on the Community Health Clinic in Stouffville, which plays a crucial role in providing primary care and managing chronic conditions for the local community, increasing access to care outside of hospital walls.

Looking forward, Oak Valley Health introduced its Strategic Plan for 2024-2029: Integrated Care for Healthier Communities. This plan aims to foster collaboration among various health care providers to deliver holistic, high-quality patient care, guided by the new vision and mission centred on extraordinary patient experiences and a culture of care.

Reflecting on the past year’s achievements and with optimism for the future, Oak Valley Health extends a heartfelt thanks to the dedicated staff, physicians, midwives, volunteers, and board members for their unwavering compassion and commitment to excellence in health care. The organization’s success can only be made possible by dedicated individuals who are truly at the heart of care.

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*Story submitted by Michelle Lee Hoy.

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