Group promotes community and political engagement

Active Community Engagement (A.C.E.) took centre stage with its board members at the recent inauguration ceremony in Markham’s Pacific Mall.

Active Community Engagement is an Ontario based, non-profit organization that focuses on giving back to the community.

Founded in 2020, its mandate focuses on the following three major areas: serving the local community; supporting young generations to engage in politics; and promoting the awareness of municipal politics.

In an effort to stimulate the local economy during the pandemic recovery, A.C.E. held a spotlight event called the “Warmth of Autumn Music Show.”

Legendary Hong Kong music manager Lal Dayaram hand picked the best singers from the local community and put together a spectacular show with many well-known pop songs. Mini-games were played and audiences received gift bags that included procedural masks and hand sanitizers that were donated by a local PPE manufacturer in Markham. The inauguration ceremony was officiated by A.C.E. President Yan Zhou, Vice-President Ritch Lau, Scott Xie, and Cliff Chan.

A.C.E. urged the public to support local small businesses to help with the economic recovery.

A.C.E. plans to host more charity events, community seminars and forums in the future to promote community and political engagement.


Photo (l-r): Scott Xia,  Yan Zhou, Ritch Lau, Cliff Chan.

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