Family Literacy Day celebrates heritage

Family Literacy Day, which is on Jan 27, is a designated day that has been set since 1999 to increase public awareness of the value of reading and engaging in other literacy.

Family literacy programs concentrate on parents, grandparents, and other family members to strengthen the entire family’s reading and writing abilities.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that parents’ abilities directly and favourably influence their children’s language development. Reading to a child and participating in enjoyable literary activities regularly is an effective way to help them develop their literacy skills.

Milliken Mills Library will be one of the many organizations that is taking part in this event. Activities are planned for Saturday, Jan. 28.

This year’s theme is Celebrate Your Heritage. Canada is a fantastically varied nation with many different cultures. ABC Life Literacy, which is the organization that initiated family literacy day, encourages everyone, but especially those of the younger generation, to spend some time investigating and learning about their heritage. Celebrate your discovery and spread the word about your culture, together as a family.

Last year’s family literacy day’s theme was Learning in the Great Outdoors. This was made in order to keep safe, as the pandemic was still a major concern.

This year, those wanting to participate are able to do so indoors, at the newly renovated Milliken Mills Branch.

For more information, visit or call (905)-513-7977.


Story submitted by Eva Laforteza-Recto.

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