Diwali and Mid-Autumn Festival celebrated

The second annual Berczy Park North Markham Music Festival was enjoyed by many residents on Sept. 23.

The event celebrated Diwali and the Mid-Autumn Festival through music and lanterns, illuminating Markham and bringing together diverse communities in a remarkable display of unity and celebration.

The Canada International Little Stars Association, Markham Confederation of Seniors Association, Canadian Association for Artistic Multicultural Exchange, and Nutlet Technology Inc. jointly organized the event.

Alan Ho, Markham regional councillor and chair of the Markham Culture and Economic Development Department, chaired the event. Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti served as the honorary chair.

The event was also attended by MP Paul Chiang, Mr. Litong Zang, Consul-General of the Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Toronto, Mr. Zehua Wang, Deputy Consul-General, Mr. Siddhartha Nath, Consul from the Consulate General of India in Toronto. Markham deputy mayor Michael Chan, regional councillor Joe Li and councillors Ritch Lau and Isa Lee were also in attendance.  

The highlight of the Glowing Markham Theme Music and Lantern Festival was the talented performers led by the mayor’s office performance team. Scarpitti portrayed Bao Gong, regional councillor Alan Ho played Chang Zhizu, and councillor Ritch Lau portrayed General Yue Fei, all famous Chinese historical figures.

Additionally, classical Indian dances, traditional Chinese songs and dances, classic mythological characters, a grand procession of Chinese folk customs, and the singing of Himu Enamul Haque, a renowned Bangladeshi singer, captivated the audience. This collaborative multicultural performance successfully united members from different communities, promoting cultural exchange and mutual understanding in a harmonious spirit.

Scarpitti expressed enthusiasm for the event, stating: “The Glowing Markham Theme Music and Lantern Festival — celebrating the Festival of Lights and the Mid-Autumn Festival — beautifully showcases the diversity of our city. Seeing residents from all backgrounds come together to celebrate these beautiful traditions is heartwarming.” 

Special thanks go to all the volunteers who contributed to the event’s success and sponsors, including Jade Expo Ltd, LingoAce, Butcher Boutique, Webeauty, Jenny Fan, and others.

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