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Cadillac Fairview ignites the spirit of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

As the Official Home of Team Canada, Cadillac Fairview (CF) is proud to launch a community-based, athlete-focused campaign to unite the country and bring the spirit of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games to the heart of Canadian neighbourhoods.

To celebrate the Games which take place from July 23 to August 8 CF will host engaging experiences across all 18 of its shopping centres, all in compliance with local public health measures, and share motivational messages from communities across the country to collectively cheer on Team Canada.

In the Olympic spirit of strength, hope and determination, CF will also launch a video series profiling eight talented female athletes across seven different sports from Team Canada who embody these values.

“This summer will be a gamechanger for Canadians as we prepare to reunite safely with friends and family, and get back to a life we knew pre-pandemic. As the Official Home of Team Canada, we’re channeling the power of the Olympic spirit to connect the country and create a sense of optimism, hope and togetherness to celebrate Canada’s top athletes,” said Craig Flannagan, Vice President, Marketing, Cadillac Fairview. “Together, along with the help of Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast, we’re eager to show our pride and unwavering support for Team Canada.”

In 2017, CF and the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) announced an 11-year partnership to grow and support the Olympic movement in Canada. CF’s ongoing role as the Official Home of Team Canada reinforces the company’s continued commitment to foster vibrant, landmark destinations and deliver unique, elevated experiences that positively transform Canadian communities. As the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games approach, CF and the COC will harness the country’s renewed energy and excitement to activate memorable consumer experiences across its portfolio of shopping centres.

“Sport has the power to unify Canadians no matter where they live. While this year’s competition and atmosphere may be different, fans can still come together at their local CF property to cheer on Team Canada,” said David Shoemaker, CEO and Secretary General, Canadian Olympic Committee.  “Through our long-term partnership with CF, we’ve established a true home base where Canadians can proudly show athlete support, during the Games and beyond.”

This year, CF is proudly sponsoring a talented all-female lineup from Team Canada featuring eight athletes representing seven sports from across the country. To encourage future generations to go after their dreams, each athlete is profiled in a video series available via that underscores their commitment to their sport and unique personal stories of perseverance, strength and excitement for the Games.

Canadians are encouraged to learn more about the following CF sponsored Team Canada athletes:

“We are honoured to support and help share the stories of our elite roster of female athletes as each one truly encapsulates what it means to be optimistic, resilient and determined,” said Andrea Nickel, Director of Customer Experience and Marketing Communications at Cadillac Fairview. “As Team Canada embarks on one of the most pivotal experiences of their lives, during an unprecedented time in history, we’re hopeful our hometown athletes will inspire Canadians to stay positive and passionate in pursuit of their dreams and individual greatness.”

Leading up to the Games, CF will house Olympic themed Celebration Walls physically and digitally across its 18 retail properties across Canada. Shoppers will be invited to share a personal message of encouragement in-person, which will be hand drawn live by a local artist. To ensure shopper safety, all CF experiences have been developed in accordance with local public health guidelines. Canadians can also participate through social media by sharing their messages of inspiration via CF’s Instagram and Facebook channels. The Celebration Walls will remain visible throughout the Games and serve as an artistic reminder that, as the CF campaign slogan says, “Together, we support Team Canada.”

Following the conclusion of the Games, CF is planning two outdoor Homecoming celebrations at CF Sherway Gardens and CF Carrefour Laval to welcome home its Olympic athletes from Tokyo. The experience will connect Canadians and past and present Canadian Olympians, honouring the courage and resilience it takes to become a member of Team Canada and compete at the highest level.


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