York Region announces new CAO

By Connor Simonds, Local Journalism Initiative reporter

York Regional Council has announced that Erin Mahoney is its new Chief Administrative Officer. Her appointment follows the 16-year tenure of Bruce Macgregor as CAO.

Mahoney’s impressive background and steadfast commitment make her an ideal choice to lead York Region into a new age of growth and innovation.

Throughout her distinguished 15-year career with York Region, Mahoney has been an invaluable member of the leadership team, consistently showcasing dedication, vision, and a profound understanding of the organization’s mission and values.

“Ms. Mahoney has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication, direction, and a deep understanding of our organization’s mission and values,” shares Wayne Emmerson, CEO of York Region. “I am confident she will help us continue to achieve our strategic goals and deliver on the exceptional programs and services our residents and communities deserve and expect.”

Mahoney’s journey within York Region began in her role as Commissioner of Public Works, where she made significant contributions to the region’s success. Her strong educational background, with a Bachelor of Science from Memorial University of Newfoundland and a Master of Engineering from the University of Western Ontario, coupled with her key leadership positions in the private sector, equips her to lead with competence and innovation.

Furthermore, Mahoney’s involvement in various boards and volunteer agencies underscores her commitment to the community, aligning perfectly with York Region’s vision of strong, caring, and safe communities. Her ability to collaborate, lead with empathy, and make pivotal decisions with confidence has naturally positioned her as the guiding force for the region’s future.

As the CAO, Mahoney undertakes the crucial responsibility of overseeing the day-to-day operations of York Region’s 15 core services, the backbone of the community. With over 5,000 full-time and part-time employees under her leadership, she will play a pivotal role in shaping the organization’s future direction and, by extension, the communities it serves.

The CAO serves as the linchpin connecting the council’s vision with the daily lives of residents, ensuring the delivery of high-quality programs and services. Mahoney’s appointment signals a strong commitment to preserving and enhancing the region’s reputation as a municipal service delivery leader and a top employer.

“In collaboration with York Regional Council, I’m deeply committed to leading our organization to deliver results for the people and communities we serve, building on our strengths with innovative ideas and collaborative teamwork,” shares Mahoney.

Mahoney has outlined the following key priorities for York Region:

Strategic Growth Support: With a projected population of over 2 million people and 990,000 jobs by 2051, her commitment is to ensure that growth benefits communities and is financially sustainable.

Homelessness and Housing Strategy: Acknowledging the central role of homes in our lives, she prioritizes efforts to make housing affordable and accessible, allowing communities to thrive.

Asylum Seeker Support: She emphasizes that no one should be left behind and is working with other levels of government to provide emergency housing and wrap-around supports for asylum seekers.

Peel Transition and Servicing Agreements: The region anticipates engagement with the Peel Transition Panel to ensure long-term water and wastewater capacity and discuss shared interests, including Highway 50.

Ontario’s Governance Review: In the face of potential governance changes considered by the province, she highlights York Region’s long-standing history of delivering leading services as a continued focus.

She underscores the strength of the region’s workforce and its commitment to the community as key elements in achieving these priorities.

When asked about the role York Region plays in creating strong, caring, and safe communities, Mahoney emphasizes a commitment to realizing this vision. She notes that the region’s 15 core programs and services go beyond providing amenities; they help neighbours connect, boost community pride, and build lasting trust. Her actions and strategies align with this vision, aiming to ensure that every resident feels supported and proud to call York Region home.

Addressing challenges on the horizon, Mahoney acknowledges the need to adapt to a growing population with changing needs, ensure financial sustainability during uncertain times, stay updated with technological advancements, and navigate potential governance changes. She intends to set a clear path that adapts to changes and looks ahead, focusing on assessing opportunities, forging strong partnerships, and exploring smart ways to fund priorities to ensure York Region remains strong and vibrant.

“As I step into this role, I’m here to lead our team and deliver on our commitments to the people and communities we serve to make York Region a truly strong, caring and safe community,” Mahoney adds. “With new ideas and our shared commitment, we can shape a thriving and inclusive York Region. The diversity of voices and experiences of our residents make our region unique, and I’m dedicated to ensuring they are heard and considered in our decisions and directions. I value their trust and think that together, our future possibilities here at York Region are boundless.”

Mahoney’s vision and leadership are set to usher in a new era of growth, innovation, and community strength in York Region. Her commitment to strong, caring, and safe communities and her collaborative approach promise a bright future for all residents.



Photo: York Regional Council has announced that Erin Mahoney is its new Chief Administrative Officer. 

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