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Theatre launches free online access for ‘Simply Series’

Flato Markham Theatre has launched its live stream of the 2022 Simply Series, a series of ten intimate and uplifting evenings with beloved Canadian artists, available to the public to enjoy for free online.

The Simply Series, a truly unique and innovative program sponsored by Flato Developments and the Department of Canadian Heritage, is a fusion of storytelling and live performance, designed to focus on the close relationship between the artist and the spectator.

Blending both the music and the story behind it, each show episode features live and pre-recorded elements, taped during the artists’ performance at Flato Markham Theatre.

The series aims to highlight a selection of professional Canadian artists with unique stories to share in an intimate setting with their audience. These are more than stage performances ­– with meaningful stories of challenge and triumph revealing the person behind the music, these are shows with a special, personal touch, providing a one-of-a-kind experience that will all be accessible to music lovers in one place.

You’ll want to check out the live stream footage of Canadian rock icon Gowan, whose Simply performance has been kept under wraps until now. Be the first to hear the personal storytelling of the beloved rocker and hear his soaring voice sing his megahits that have been inspiring generations of new artists for decades.

The remaining featured artists in the project include Michael Kaeshammer, live with additional highlights and a full interview, revealing the vocal ability, sense of humour and handsome charm that has won over audiences at every show; Lata Pada, founder and artistic director of the award-winning Canadian professional dance company Sampradaya Dance Creations, specializing in classical and contemporary dance works rooted in the Indian dance form of Bharatanatyam; Rob Tardik and Kimberley Black, whose performance revolves around the miraculous story of Kim’s survival in an attempted murder and deals with overcoming trauma, building resilience, and inspiring hope through the art of dance, storytelling, and music. Also featured is the versatile singer, writer and producer George St. Kitts, whose shows bring his audience back to a time filled with soul, rhythm, and joy; Ottawa-based jazz star Kellylee Evans, whose show combines the themes of mental health, resilience, imagination, and resourcefulness; Canadian Brass, a group that knows the fine art of playing music to tell a well-crafted story; and John McDermott, who chronicles his 30-year career in music with stories of love, loss, patriotism, family, sacrifice, and honour.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the hours of special storytelling that threads together music, love, joy, hardship, and real-life experience – for free. Visit the new Simply Series website

Visit for information on the 2023-2024 Diamond Season performers.


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