Region approves 92 transportation projects

Get prepared for road construction. York Region has approved 92 transportation projects at a cost of $377 million this year.

“While at times inconvenient to travellers, these road construction and transit projects help ensure our transportation network continues to meet the needs of our communities today and into the future,” York Region Chairman and CEO Wayne Emmerson says.

This year’s investment is part of the 2023-2033 Public Works 10-Year Capital Plan, which includes $2.15 billion and will add capacity to the Regional transportation and transit networks and another $1.75 billion for roads and transit asset management.

“Transportation remains top of mind for residents, and it is one of York Regional Council’s main priorities to ensure our road and transit network moves people and goods both safely and efficiently,” Emmerson says.

This year’s projects include road widening, rehabilitation and intersection improvements; mid-block crossings over 400-series highways; bridge and culvert rehabilitation; transit terminal and upgrades to operations maintenance facilities; and electrification of the transit fleet. Those projects build on work completed in 2022, when the Region spent $281.9 million to widen roads, improve intersection, and construct new cycling lanes and transit facilities.

Wondering how the projects will impact your travel? Visit for a list of construction projects happening across the Region.

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