Public school board approves ‘difficult’ budget

The York Region District School Board has approved a balanced budget of about $1.6 billion that it says will support students despite cuts.

“The 2021-2022 Budget was a difficult one because of the enrolment decline as a result of the pandemic and reflects some tough decisions,” Chief Financial Officer Vidyia Maharaj says.

In a bid to reduce nearly a $39-million deficit, the Board reduced central administration budgets by nearly $5 million and reduced school budgets by $4 million. It will also use 1.3 per cent from reserves, pending Ministry of Education approval.

“Despite reductions in funding, we believe this budget will continue to support the success of all students and represents a fair allocation of resources during a period of decreased enrollment,” Chair Cynthia Cordova says.

“This year’s budget reflects the board’s commitment to preserving crucial programs in support of reading, literacy and special education,” Trustee and Budget Committee Chair David Sherman says. “In planning for the year ahead, we have incorporated public input from over 700 parents, students and community members and have continued to prioritize frontline resources for classrooms and students.”

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