More speed enforcement cameras on their way

York Region plans to add 60 new automated speed enforcement cameras by 2027 and will create an in-house processing centre to handle the speeding tickets that will be generated as a result.

The region decided to continue the automated speed enforcement system following a two-year pilot project in specific school areas along regional roads. Operating speeds decreased by about nine kilometres an hour and speed compliance more than doubled, it reports.

Automated speed enforcement uses a camera and speed measurement device to enforce speed limits in identified areas. If a vehicle exceeds the posted speed limit in one of those areas, the automated speed enforcement system captures an image which is reviewed by a provincial offences officer. An image of the offence, licence plate and ticket with an associated fine will be mailed within the next 30 days.

More than half of fatal collisions on regional roads are related to speeding. Automated enforcement helps to improve safety and change driver behaviour in our community, the region says.

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