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The City of Markham’s Awesome Authors camp, nestled within the Angus Glen Community Centre, has long been fostering creativity and inspiration for young writers.

Local author Chanel Rose Chow’s writing journey began at this very camp as a child and later blossomed into a full-fledged counsellor and supervisor.

Her passion for creative writing ignited during her formative years spent at the Awesome Authors camp. Now, she is set to return on August 11 as a published author and a shining example of the camp’s mission to inspire and nurture young minds in the realm of creative writing and self-expression.

Chow’s debut children’s book, titled The Mouse in Beethoven’s House, is an educational and adventurous picture book tailored for children aged 4 to 8.

This enchanting tale follows the adventures of Melody Mouse, who finds herself living next door to none other than Ludwig van Beethoven, the iconic classical composer. The story takes readers on a journey of discovery as Melody explores Beethoven’s world and learns about the magic of music.

Chow attended Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School where she took Writer’s Craft and received the Writer’s Craft Award. “I credit the support of my teachers for helping foster my passion for creative writing,” Chow said.

“I started Little Musicians in 2019, an early-childhood music education program for the City of Markham, which I am currently still running.”

Drawing from her background as a music educator with degrees in a Bachelor of Music and Master of Teaching from the University of Toronto, Chow crafted The Mouse in Beethoven’s House with a dual purpose in mind: to ignite a love for music and foster a deep appreciation for creativity.

Having once been a camper herself, she understands the transformative potential of such experiences. Chow is incredibly honoured to come full circle and return to the camp that kickstarted her own journey as an author and is excited to share her book with the campers and hopefully inspire them to dream big and pursue their passions, whether it’s writing, music, or any form of creative expression.

The Mouse in Beethoven’s House is set to captivate young hearts and minds, all while celebrating the legacy of a musical genius and kindling the flames of creativity in a new generation. With her debut book, Chow not only honours her own beginnings but also sets the stage for countless new adventures in storytelling and self-discovery.

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