Enbridge Gas receives funding for hydrogen project

Enbridge Gas in Markham will receive provincial funding that focuses on opportunities for hydrogen to serve as a clean alternative fuel for transportation and other uses for a “groundbreaking project.”

It’s receiving about $1.787 million through the new Hydrogen Innovation Fund for a hydrogen-driven Combined Heat and Power (CHP) facility that can also blend hydrogen with natural gas to produce energy.

“Our groundbreaking project – the first of its kind in North America – will demonstrate the potential of using hydrogen, natural gas or a range of blends to power a CHP system,” says Enbridge Gas President Michele Harradence. “The system can quickly switch between energy sources, making it a reliable and efficient way to reduce emissions.”

The project is one of the first six projects that will receive a combined $7.5 million in funding through the new Hydrogen Innovation Fund, which is administered by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO). “As Ontario explores pathways to achieve a low-carbon energy future, one of the fuels that shows considerable promise is hydrogen,” says IESO President and CEO Lesley Gallinger.

Announced in February, the fund will invest $15 million over the next three years to kickstart and develop opportunities for hydrogen to be integrated into Ontario’s clean electricity system, including hydrogen storage.

Premier Doug Ford’s government says its Low-Carbon Hydrogen Strategy will position Ontario as a clean manufacturing hub. The strategy identifies innovative projects, from hydrogen production and hydrogen hubs to exploring electricity rate options for hydrogen producers, to meet that goal.

“Our government is leveraging one of our province’s clear strengths – our world-class clean, reliable and affordable electricity system – to make us a leader in the growing hydrogen economy,” says Minister of Energy Todd Smith.

By 2050, the hydrogen economy could create more than 100,000 jobs across the province while reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 50 megatonnes per year. This reduction in GHG emissions would be equivalent to about a quarter of Ontario’s 2005 emissions or removing 15 million cars off the road, the province reports.

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    Sounds like a very interesting and saleable system. Congrats on this. Need any help?

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