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ACS recognition underscores MSH’s dedication to the highest standards of care

Earning national recognition for patient care is one of the most meaningful rewards for Oak Valley Health’s Markham Stouffville Hospital (MSH), and its newest designation as a participant of the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (ACS NSQIP) underscores a long-standing commitment to the highest standards of surgical care.

The ACS is a scientific and educational organization founded in 1913 to raise the standards of surgical practice and improve the quality of care for all surgical patients. ACS NSQIP is the first nationally validated, outcomes-based program to measure and improve the quality of surgical care. Participating hospitals collect data that provides in-depth analysis, helping surgical teams better understand and tailor care to patient needs. Hospitals participating in this program can reduce preventable surgical problems to achieve higher quality.

As a participant in ACS NSQIP, Markham Stouffville Hospital also becomes an ACS Surgical Quality Partner.

“We are honoured and extremely pleased to be recognized by the American College of Surgeons for receiving the designation of a Surgical Quality Partner by participating in the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program,” says Erin Landry, director of surgical services, Oak Valley Health. “This designation acknowledges the dedication of our team to continuously review surgical data to improve the structure and outcomes necessary to provide high and safe quality care to surgical patients. Patients can trust that the care they are receiving at Markham Stouffville Hospital adheres to the most rigorous standards in surgical quality.”

“ACS Quality programs are grounded in more than a century of experience and participation is an important measure of a hospital’s surgical quality. As an ACS Surgical Quality Partner, Markham Stouffville Hospital has shown a commitment to providing the best possible patient care, evaluating that care in a rigorous fashion, and dedicating themselves to continuous self-improvement,” said ACS executive director and CEO Patricia L. Turner.

Markham Stouffville Hospital is also one of 78 ACS NSQIP participating hospitals that have achieved meritorious outcomes for surgical patient care in 2022.  As a participant in ACS NSQIP, MSH is required to track the outcomes of inpatient and outpatient surgical procedures and collect data that assesses patient safety and can be used to direct improvement in the quality of surgical care.

Receiving the meritorious award for ACS NSQIP, now for the fifth consecutive year, acknowledges the hospital’s commitment to high-quality surgical care. The surgical program achieved this award by utilizing standard-based verification with the goal to improve quality across surgery. It allows for structures to be put in place to enable quality improvement and help drive quality improvement.

The ACS NSQIP recognition program commends a select group of hospitals for achieving a meritorious composite score in either an “All Cases” category or a category which includes higher-risk cases (“High Risk”). Risk-adjusted data from the July 2023 ACS NSQIP Semiannual Report, which presents data from the 2022 calendar year, were used to determine which hospitals demonstrated meritorious outcomes. MSH has been recognized on both the “All Cases” and “High Risk” Meritorious lists.

This program measures the actual surgical results 30 days postoperatively as well as risk adjusts patient characteristics to compensate for differences among patient populations and acuity levels.  The goal of ACS NSQIP is to reduce surgical morbidity (infection or illness related to a surgical procedure) and surgical mortality (death related to a surgical procedure) and to provide a firm foundation for surgeons to apply what is known as the “best scientific evidence” to the practice of surgery.  Furthermore, when adverse effects from surgical procedures are reduced and/or eliminated, a reduction in health care costs follows.  ACS NSQIP is a major program of the American College of Surgeons and is currently used in over 850 adult and paediatric hospitals.

Receiving these awards and distinctions reflects Oak Valley Health’s commitment to providing the best patient care possible.


Photo: Markham Stouffville Hospital has been designated an American College of Surgeons (ACS) Surgical Quality Partner.

Story submitted by Michelle Lee Hoy.


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