45 years of female empowerment

For over 40 years, the Women’s Centre of York Region (WCYR) has been responsible for the direct empowerment of women through free access to a variety of programs.

These services include teaching women the key steps to independence. 

The centre was originally formed in 1977 by two women who reached out to support single mothers in escaping abusive environments.

They did this by helping them to seek financial independence. This was gained through empowering all aspects of women’s lives, which has been included in the programs and belief systems of the organization.

Despite the centre being located in Newmarket, women from across the region can access the services and donations from the organization’s website. Online options have been shown to provide opportunities for networking and greater accessibility, especially over the last two years.

Programs – which range anywhere from six weeks to two years in order to guarantee that skills are learned – are offered “to all persons who identify as women on their journey of self-discovery and empowerment,” shares Allison Hermann, WCYR director of development.

The WCYR is “helping to create a safe space for women to come and learn, share and grow both individually and in a community with others,” adds Kate Riley, WCYR Making Changes Facilitator.

WCYR will be celebrating its 45th anniversary in October and will reveal its updated strategic plan at that time.

For more information, visit To volunteer or make a donation, call 905-853-9270.


Story submitted by Victoria Psihalos.


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