Rail crossing improvements to improve safety, efficiency

The federal government will put nearly $280,000 towards improving rail safety in Markham as part of a project that will make residents “feel safer” and improve rail efficiency.

The grade crossing improvement project is located near the former Unionville train station where the government announced on March 7 its plan to spend more than $13.5 million to fund 112 projects throughout the province through the Rail Safety Improvement Program.

“We have railway crossings throughout Markham and throughout the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Areas (GTHA),” said Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship and Markham-Unionville MP Paul Chiang. “Knowing that the Government of Canada is making these crossings safer will help people in our many neighbourhoods feel safer as they travel to and from their homes, jobs, schools or any other destination.”

Pedestrian gates fencing and other protective measures have been added at the GO Train crossing on Main Street Unionville and is one of a dozen projects in Markham that have been approved through the latest round of Rail Safety Improvement Program funding.

Launched in 2016, the program provides funds for projects that aim to improve rail safety at grade crossings and along rail lines. “We’re investing to improve the safety of Canadians, especially those who work and live along our railway lines,” said Minister of Transport Pablo Rodriguez. “The projects we’re funding in the GTHA and across Ontario will keep our communities safe and our railway systems efficient.”

The Rail Safety Improvement Program also invests in rail infrastructure, helps address climate change resiliency, supports innovative solutions through research studies and new technology pilot projects, and helps educate Canadians on railway safety through outreach and awareness initiatives. It also contributes to economic growth by ensuring the efficient movement of goods to market and creating good-paying jobs, the government adds.

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