York Regional Police to hire more officers

Under its 2019 operating budget, York Regional Police (YRP) will hire another 53 police officers and civilians to address demands that include cannabis enforcement.

At $327.9 million, the budget represents a 3.7 per cent increase over 2018 and will allow YRP to address population growth and intensification, continued sustainable and effective police services to the communities, increasing demands for service and cannabis enforcement.

The Board notes the budget continues to maintain the lowest policing cost per capita in Canada among comparable police services with populations of more than one million residents.

They also approved the 2019 capital budget of $33.5 million, which includes $14.5 million for facilities, $8.6 million for vehicles, $5.9 million for information technology, $4.1 million for specialized equipment and $300,000 for communication equipment. Financing for the capital budget comes from reserves, debenture proceeds repaid from development charges, debt reduction reserve funding, development charge collections and external funding.

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