York Regional Police held motorcycle safety awareness event

Warm weather of course means summer is on its way and with that are an increase number of people hitting the opens with their motorcycles.


So York Regional Police are urging riders to take precautions and stay safe.


Recently the York Regional Police completed their annual motorcycle rider requalification on both a closed pylon course and patrol driving of the streets. Officers were on hand in the parking lot of Twinney Drive in Newmarket Wednesday April 20 providing essential safety tips for motorcyclists and drivers alike.


Motorcyclists are reminded that their riding skills have diminished over the winter month and to use extra caution always, but especially on their first few rides and be mindful that sand, salt and debris left over from winter may still be on roadways.


York Regional Police stressed the importance of wearing an approved safety helmet. Protective wear, including glasses, can prevent or reduce the severity of injuries. Wearing reflective materials will help keep drivers visible at all time including inclement weather or during times of low light and low visibility. Royal Distributing were also on site showcasing motorcycle safety apparel.


Drivers of other vehicles such as cars and trucks are urged to check blind spots twice for motorcycles before making turns or lane changes.


Motorcycles often reduce their speed by down shifting which means those driving in cars or trucks may not have the visual warning of a brake light when a motorcycle is slowing down.


More than one-third of motorcycle collisions occur at intersections. Approach slowly, ensure to look in all directions and proceed with caution. This caution applies to both motorist and motorcyclist alike.


York Regional Police also reminded residents that go-peds, miniature motorcycle, also referred to as pocket bikes and other off-road vehicles are not street legal and must not be driven on the road.


For more information on how to stay motorcycle safe, contact the Traffic Bureau at 1-866-876-5423, ext.7703

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