York Regional council approves 2019 to 2023 strategic plan

York Regional council approved the 2019 to 2023 strategic plan, From Vision to Results, outlining the priorities over the next four years to meet the community’s evolving needs.

“Maintaining the quality of life in York Region over the long term requires strategic focus and a detailed course of action,” said Wayne Emmerson, York Region chairman and CEO. “This plan outlines the goals and activities we need to accomplish over this term of council and will guide us in working towards our vision of strong, caring and safe communities.”

The plan builds on the success of previous plans and represents the region’s commitment to making progress in the following four priority areas: increasing economic vitality; supporting community health, safety and well-being; building sustainable communities and protecting the environment; and delivering trusted and efficient services.

“The strategic plan is based on the collaborative efforts of our dedicated staff,” said Bruce Macgregor, York Region CAO. “It aligns with the region’s multi-year budget process to ensure we move forward in serving our communities.”

Highlights of the 2019 to 2023 plan include: advancing the Yonge Subway extension into Richmond Hill to provide the growing population and workforce with efficient and convenient transit; supporting the creation of new affordable housing units so more York Region residents can find and keep appropriate housing; continuing to collaborate with local municipalities to educate residents about the four Rs (recycling, reducing, reusing and the recovery of energy) to maintain the percentage of residential waste diverted from landfills; and maintaining public confidence in regional government by increasing public awareness of programs and services.

Visit york.ca/stratplan for more information.

Photo: Wayne Emmerson, York Region chairman and CEO, courtesy of York Region.

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