York Region now home to more than 650,000 jobs

York Region employment grew by 2.2 per cent, or 13,800 jobs, between 2018 and 2019, meaning it’s now home to an estimated 654,650 jobs.

It’s also home to more than 54,000 businesses.

York’s growth kept pace with provincial labour force growth of 2.5 per cent and national labour force growth of 2.2 per cent, according to its 2019 Employment and Industry Report. Manufacturing, retail trade and professional, scientific and technical services sectors hold the largest shares of surveyed employment last year.

“As a top destination of choice for investment, (York) is the third largest business community in Ontario,” Chairman and CEO Wayne Emmerson says. “Business and job growth are fundamental to our overall economic vitality and quality of life. We remain committed to continuing to foster an environment that attracts businesses and employment opportunities.”

According to the report, York remains one of Canada’s fastest-growing municipalities, with average annual growth in employment and number of businesses of about three per cent and two per cent respectively over the past five years. The region’s employment has grown by more than 260,000 jobs since 2001. That represents an average annual growth rate of three per cent, which aligns with the population growth rate for the same time period.

The Regional Official Plan has a target activity rate of 50 per cent or one job for every two residents. The region’s activity rate has been increasing since 2010 and is now 55 per cent, which means it has slightly more than one job for every two residents.

Full-time workers represent the largest share of employment type in York at 67 per cent. Contract/seasonal/ temporary employment remains the fastest-growing type of worker with an increase in share from five per cent in 2009 to 15 per cent in 2019, representing growth of 68,500 jobs. Over the same decade, full-time employment dropped in share from 76 per cent to 67 per cent but grew by more than 56,900 jobs. Part-time workers declined from a 20 per cent to 18 per cent share of employment and increased by 17,700 jobs over the same time period.

In 2019, York surveyed 35,400 businesses through the York Region employment survey, which collects employment data and provides a snapshot of the region’s economy. Data is compared over time to identify trends. For additional information on York’s employment statistics, visit york.ca/census.

Photo: York Region’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector remains strong. 

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