York Region invests $339 million in roads and transit

The Regional Municipality of York is investing $339 million to expand and maintain roads and transit in 2019, an overall investment of $2.8 billion over the next 10 years to increase the efficiency of the Regional transportation network.

“York Region travellers want to move around more efficiently,” said York Region Chairman and CEO Wayne Emmerson. “This investment reflects regional council’s ongoing commitment to building a transportation network that provides commuters with better access to where they need and want to go.”

To support the region’s growing communities, construction is planned for over 100 locations across the Region. These projects will include: road reconstruction and widening; major bridge replacements and upgrades; intersection upgrades and improvements to enhance traffic operations; pavement repair, preservation and rehabilitation; and transit terminal, station and bus stop repairs and improvements.

In addition to construction and rehabilitation improvements, the region will also invest in fleet and facility projects that contribute to the regional transportation network. These projects include the construction of a new bus terminal, an expansion of a bus garage and a new snow management facility.

The region will also invest in 21 new buses.

In 2018, $217 million was invested in the regional road network, improving travel opportunities for all road users, including road widening, a newly constructed crossing over Highway 404 north of Highway 7, additional 19 lane-kilometres of road and 33 kilometres of cycling lanes plus an enhanced suite of transit services.

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