When is the best time for a coffee?

To coffee? Or not to coffee?

The percolating question.

Ahhh the wondrous effects it has. For taste, or an eye-popping way to start your day, there are times when optimal consumption makes sense.

It begins with knowledge of cortisol, your stress hormone, your modulator of all things chill. Some of us have more release than others in response to an external trigger.

On average, your circadian rhythm is governed by sunlight. Meaning that on average, a typical wake cycle occurs between 6-8am and sleep between 10pm and 12am.

Naturally, our bodies release cortisol in natural response to waking, which in turn makes us boogie (especially on weekday mornings). This means that technically, the jolt you’re looking for should be acquired by your morning break.

Worth noting is that caffeine resistance develops faster when you consume it at a time your body’s natural cortisol level is already at peak time.

Therefore, I suggest an alternate plan. Try to maximize your body’s potential of working with you by consuming your cuppa love after 11am, and even when that afternoon slump occurs, which is most often between 3 and 5pm. Most resort to snacking, which we knock ourselves for, since by the time dinner comes around, we’ve made a meal out of our snack, and we’re then simply just eating dinner to eat.

Moderate your timing, and use the power of knowledge to make your body work for you.

Story by Shana Daniel ND

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