With Markham’s dynamic culture and ever evolving hunt for the next trend in fun, virtual reality has stepped right in to bring adventure seekers into an immersive experience.

VR Zone is redefining ‘hang outs’ uptown, and introducing heart pumping and interactive wireless virtual reality games to gamers and newbies alike.

This idea to elevate the arcade experience to a virtual reality experience was birthed from three founders, all residents of the Markham area, who shared a passion for video games and sought to bring the fun to their own neighbourhood.

VR Zone is elevating the arcade experience by offering a multitude of options for single or multiple person virtual reality games. For action seekers, Raw Data throws you into combat gameplay by going solo or teaming up for an ‘adrenaline charged futuristic thriller’. If you’re not looking to deviate too far from daily life, Job Simulation lets you step into a world where robots have replaced humans in the workplace. Also, The Lab lets patrons experience an alternate universe through a series of experiments. VR Zone definitely looks to expand its library of high-quality adventures for its visitors.

“The most interesting reaction I’ve seen was someone tries it out and is kind of weary in the beginning and doesn’t move much. Then, I come back later and see them running around the room wall-to-wall, side-to-side, dodging for their lives. They’re so immersed in it. You just have to come in, put the headset on yourself and try it out,” said co-owner Ray Zhu.

 Participants can expect an elevated interactive experience when using the fully wireless control gaming system. This increased mobility allows players to truly feel immersed in these futuristic worlds.

This is sure to be a whole new world of experience for the young, and not so young, crowd.

VR Zone is locating on Yonge St. in Markham. Visit www.vrzone.ca for details.