A place of art in the community that speaks of peace and harmony, the seeds of the Varley Art Gallery was sown 20 years ago by local, national, and international artists.

Since the gallery’s opening, it has offer group tours, school programs, studio courses and workshops, courses and lectures, and family activities.

Gallery Director Niamh O’Laoghaire said the art gallery is a place of respect.

“Not only do we showcase great work but we are a place that respects everyone’s culture,” O’Laoghaire said. “

Mayor Frank Scarpitti said the Varley Art Gallery is a place that amazes visitors with its rich and highly engaging exhibits.

“The Varley Art Gallery is one of relevance within a diverse community in Markham,” Scarpitti commented. “It is rich with culture.”
O’Laoghaire added to continue with the gallery’s celebration of 20 years and Canada’s 150th birthday they will present two new exhibits accompanied with great programming that will engage everyone from the budding art enthusiast to the art aficionado.

The Varley also held an art social in May which included various games, party photo booth, jumbo block tower, gallery tours and musical performances. Many more fun activities are still to come.

“Join us for a fun and creative summer at the Varley,” O’Laoghaire commented.



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