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June 4 and 5 will bring tens of thousands to the crooked little main street of Unionville as part of the 47th Annual Unionville Festival. The weekend is sure to have what it always has, an array of activities, family fun and good food that celebrate the community. However, his year’s fest features something quite new too.


“We wanted to make an event for everyone, aged one to 101,” says Tammy Isa, an executive vice president at the Giving Tree Unionville, the group tasked with designing a brand new day of wellness for the community – BeFit Unionville – on the last day of this year’s Unionville Festival.


The Giving Tree is a social justice organization that helps empower youth within the community to become leaders of positive change.


“A day of fitness and healthy living with a dash of competitiveness,” says the Giving Tree’s founder, Shanta Sundarason, “A day of fun, from yoga to Zumba to salsa babies, to bubble soccer, to archery to Nerf wars, to name a few.”


Be Fit Unionville 2016 is aimed at encouraging a healthy lifestyle, community bonding, and awareness. The day will be divided into 12 hours of 60-minute slots at the bandstand, featuring various fitness regimes.


Starting at 7am, June 5, the day will be packed with events like sunrise meditation, yoga, chair yoga, dance of various types, soccer, volleyball, street hockey, trail walking with pets, a family cycle,  scavenger race and a day-long raffle.


Expected participation in the festival is predicted at well over 30,000 people.


“Our newer residents will understand the spirit of community by what we have put together all for free. We will help bring out camaraderie and community motivation,” promises Sundarason.




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