By Shana Daniel, registered holistic nutritionist

After December consumption in epic proportions, whilst January bills have rolled in and been paid for, February may have challenged you to maintain your new year goals.

It’s impossible to have not been bombarded with the feuds of the diet worlds including keto vs. paleo, macros vs. alkaline and the list goes on. How sustainable are they? What inspires us to jump on the bandwagon which promises expedited results, only to neglect what the human body is built to thrive on?

While each of us are completely individualistic when it comes to what we prefer to put into our bodies, do we realize that food consumption is still a symphony of food science and pleasure? Is removing the very essence of what satiates us in the company of friends and family, or in solitude, worth removing entirely in the chase of a mass weight exodus at the risk of layering back on in the months to come?

The concept of clean eating has varying definitions from one person to the next. As a trending buzz phrase, we obviously strive to monitor the cleanest intake of fuel possible, but even in so doing, can kibosh our wants vs needs in caloric consumption.

What’s the answer?

Undiet yourself. We are in an era which tempts with choice in any category. Canada’s food guide has finally conceded to accepting that certain food groups once touted as necessary for optimal health are no longer relevant to society who have obviously voted with their dollars.

Dairy milk replaced with alternative ones, effervescent beverages promoting increased transient bacteria for the intestinal system and natural oils vs. chemically machined ones are only the tip of the iceberg for us to feel like the realm of the food world has us needing google on speed buttons.

This year, I challenge you to set yourself apart from those chasing the latest diet. Educate, inspire yourself and live life to its fullest. Focus on your mental clarity by practicing sound eating choices with family and when eating in solitude. Commit to respecting your body and allowing for the little pleasures, while empowering yourself by controlling with the many other choices you make one day at a time. This formula will prove to allow yourself to experience a healthier you both inside and out. Only the mind can distort a mirror. Undiet yourself and live your best year yet.

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