Tutors offer various benefits

Now that school is back in session, students will be getting lessons, handouts, assignments and more.  Starting off on the right foot from the beginning of the year is so important to help ensure children’s success.

Regular studying and review of their notes, working collaboratively and respectfully in groups, and preparing early for all evaluations, are highly recommended for best results.

Asking the class or subject teacher clarification questions is very important and something students can sometimes shy away from doing. The very person assigning the work or having taught the lesson can be a very helpful resource to turn to.  Another incredible resource is hiring a private tutor. Hiring someone who is OCT-qualified (Ontario College of Teachers) and who works in the field each day is a tremendous advantage to help your child.

A great tutor will be able to take the time to teach your child not only how to take notes in class or when studying, but will also give them an opportunity to answer questions they may have to clarify information and to see how to best study for an upcoming evaluation.

For example, some students learn best by repeating the concepts in their mind, while another student will benefit greatly from writing the information out over and over again. It is only with time and by getting to know your child well, that a tutor will be able to see how your child studies best, learns best and where their strengths and needs lie. This is a recipe for much better grades, a much better report card, and those parent-teacher interviews can go much more smoothly.

Tutors see where students struggle and how this affects their self-esteem and their motivation every day.  When a student struggles, they don’t feel like they are smart at the subject, and the student may shut down and stop trying. A tutor is a great tool to help a child understand and apply the knowledge and information in practical terms. After all, a child who experiences an increase in self-esteem as a result of understanding and feeling smarter is priceless, and the feeling will very likely motivate them to do better in future.

A student who understands and feels more confident will also work at helping out other classmates.  This is such a valuable tool in schools, in the classroom and socially. Understanding things more thoroughly can also lead to many new and different possible career options for them in the future. We will all, in some capacity or other, or some context or other, use the information we learned when we were younger later on in life. Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to experience one of your children being able to tutor and assist their sibling and their classmates once they have grasped the concepts?

Receiving tutoring in French is one of the greatest assets you can give your child. We are living in a bilingual society, so your child will only benefit from being able to speak, read, and write in French.

Many students of various ages are of the impression that they “suck at French” and are therefore not motivated to give their full effort. This is a defeating mindset.  Like anything else in life, students simply need to work at a challenge.

Some tutors will also go the extra mile and will assign your child homework.  Having that assigned homework is a tremendous asset because that homework brilliantly reinforces the concepts learned both at school and in the tutoring session and is a phenomenal opportunity for your child to review, to practice, and to really get better at being fluent in another language.

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