Treetop Trekking adventures await

Treetop Trekking adventure park is open and ready to provide great outdoor fun for kids of all ages.


The adventure park, located in Bruce’s Mill Conservation Area, combines hiking, climbing, obstacle courses, and zip lining from tree to tree high above the ground.


“There are a lot of new activities to look forward to this year for experienced trekkers and for younger kids,” says park marketing director Mike Stiell.


“We are adding in a new advance course in the main aerial park. It’ll be something more challenging for people who have been before or who are extra adventurous. We’re also adding some kids courses so that younger kids can participate in the aerial trekking. As young as five can do the kids courses,” says Stiell.


The park is also home to Treewalk Village, a new and exciting tree fort adventure perfect for any age. It’s a network of treehouses connected by wooden walkways, nets, and slides and is truly one-of-a-kind anywhere in North America. The Village is clearly a favourite among trekkers, with over 30,000 visits last season.


Stiell describes Treetop Trekking as a great way to enjoy nature, have new experiences and conquer your fears.


“It’s a really good way for people to get out, get away from their screens, enjoy the fresh air, have fun and enjoy nature. We get lots of people who come who are afraid of heights and by the end of the day they’re laughing and having a great time so that’s always very rewarding for all of our staff,” adds Stiell.


There is something special about Treetop Trekking that sets it apart from other sports and activities; its inclusivity and its ability to connect trekkers to nature.

“Just about anyone can show up and can do it. Unlike other sports, you don’t need a lot of practice to be good at it. If you’re somewhat adventurous and active, you might be able to make your way up to the hardest aerial courses on your first visit,” explains Stiell.

“You’re using all of your senses. You’re feeling the rope and the trees, you’re smelling and breathing the fresh air and trees, and you’re hearing the nature around you. It’s great for people looking for outdoor fun in the spring and summer. It’s something different.”


Mark your calendars for June 3 and 4 to join the fun for the Summer Kick-Off Celebration with discounted admission. For more information about Treetop Trekking visit or contact by phone or at 905-927-9397 and [email protected].

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