Teen charged with stunt driving

A Markham teenager has been charged with stunt driving after police clocked a vehicle travelling 87 kilometres per hour over the posted speed limit near a school.

A York Regional Police officer spotted a vehicle going northbound on Rodick Road near Calvert Road at a high rate of speed after giving an educational presentation on speed enforcement at a Markham school. Using a radar device, he measured the vehicle travelling at 127 km/h in a 40 km/h zone.

The officer was unable to safely stop the vehicle but another officer on patrol not far away stopped the vehicle and charged the driver, a 17-year-old male with a G2 licence, with stunt driving and speeding. The driver’s vehicle was impounded for seven days and his licence suspended.

“Excessive speed has consistently been a contributing factor in many serious and fatal collisions that occur on our roads,” police say, in a news release. “Speeding drivers or those engaging in street racing put themselves and others at risk of death or serious injury when they choose to disobey traffic laws and disregard public safety. York Regional Police is committed to enforcing traffic laws and making our roads safer.”

If you see dangerous driving that could cause personal injury or loss of life, you are urged to call 911. Try to note the vehicle’s location, direction of travel, make, model, licence plate number and driver’s description.

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